The par 18 trick to actually improve your golf game

This easy practice drill will take your short game from 0-100.

It’s fun, competitive, and most importantly gets you results. It goes like this…

One ball, one unique location, one chance, score it.

But before I dive into this practice drill, I want to talk about something important that’s been on my mind.

So many people practice by mindlessly hitting balls at the range and think it’s going to help improve their game. But the hard truth is that it’s not helping you, it’s actually hurting you.

When you look at the game of golf we can see that it is the ULTIMATE game of consequences in the sense that EVERY shot you take is accounted for on your scorecard.

You need to practice with consequences and high stakes, just like you would play on the course.

When we are on the course we have obstacles and pressure with every shot. Giving you this type of pressure at practice is the difference maker and can turn you from a range hero to dominating on the golf course.

So about that practice drill…

I call it Par 18 and it’s extremely simple and effective. Here’s how it goes…

• Go to the chipping green with 1 ball (that you would normally use in tournaments)
• Just bring your chipping clubs and putter
• You will drop the ball and play from 9 UNIQUE locations (3 easy, 3 medium, 3 hard shots)
• From there you will chip on and hole out
• As you’re chipping and putting go through your full routine like you would on the course
• Add up your score and write it down against the par 18
• Play this game ONCE at the end of every time on the course and just watch your game improve
Now the first time you go through this drill you may score a 25 and not feel so hot, but that’s okay. Keep at it and as you see your score start to drop that means one thing. Your short game is improving and that’s what it’s all about.

So give this drill a try the next time you’re at the course and let me know what you think.

But one thing’s for sure, the more you do this drill the better your short game will get. Guaranteed.

I hope this helps.

Keep working and stay hungry,