The par 18 trick to actually improve your golf game

This easy practice drill will take your short game from 0-100. It’s fun, competitive, and most importantly gets you results. It goes like this… One ball, one unique location, one chance, score it. But before I dive into this practice drill, I want to talk about something important that’s been on my mind. So many people practice by mindlessly hitting …

Path & Face

We are
 going to keep it simple and just give you some understanding of what is Path 
and Face. This is terminology you will come across regularly on You Tube or in
coaching sessions, but there is still much confusion over what exactly they 
mean. The path is referring to the swing path of the club and describes the direction
the club …


There was great interest in our competition recently. Thank you to everyone for sharing, commenting and tagging people in. I have chosen 3 LUCKY WINNERS of an adidas Go-To Polo. You’ll look great on the course. Your profiles have been chosen randomly and are linked below: Cath Crawshaw >>> Liane Walker >>> Elliot Berzins >>> Congratulations and …