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As a seasoned and accomplished PGA Professional, I have dedicated my career to the art and science of golf coaching. My coaching philosophy is centered on the fundamental principle that impact is the key to success in golf. I am passionate about helping golfers of all levels understand and improve their impact, and I am dedicated to standing by my students, every step of the way, as they navigate their journey to better golf.

I believe that a comprehensive understanding of the technical and mental aspects of the game is crucial for a successful coaching experience. That's why I work closely with my students to establish a personalized and results-driven coaching plan. My approach is based on the latest research and technologies, including TrackMan Level 1&2 accreditation, and I have experience coaching golfers at the highest level, including LET players and Challenge Tour Players. Additionally, I am a Mind Factor Certified Coach, which means that I have experience in mental training practices at the highest level, helping golfers harness the #1 performance blocker in golf: FEAR.

Learn with Jordan online from anywhere in the world using the Skillest App.

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"Great clear advice as always. Jordan takes complex movements and makes them simple to understand and with a clear plan to your development."

Daniel Williams

"Another top class lesson. So easy to understand and the changes I've seen have already been better than when I had a face to face coach! Over the moon with this whole experience. Can't recommend Jordan enough."
Joshua Wallace