Jordan is helping golfers all around the world understand WHAT they do, WHY they do it, HOW to improve and PERFORM at their best.
Meet Jordan

Jordan is one of the leading young coaches in the UK, based out of the prestigious Woburn Golf Club. Jordan works alongside and learns from some of the best coaches in the world, across a number of sports, forever looking to develop himself further as a coach and a person to help golfers understand how to perform at their best.
Jordan started out playing Professionally and since then has gone on a mission to deeply understand what it takes to perform at your best on the course. He now uses his experience and expertise to help golfers of all levels from the club golfer to Touring Professionals. Whatever your level and aspirations, Jordan will help you understand why things happen and how to improve them with a clear and concise coaching plan tailored to you.
Technique. Skill. Performance.
Winning performance

Jordan combines his experience as an athlete and working with the world’s best coaches to help golfers break free from their patterns of struggle and create winning solutions on the golf course. Golf requires elements of technique, skill and performance characteristics to be able to navigate your way around a golf course in the least amount of shots and Jordan has a unique process that is individual to each person to help you achieve this.
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Repetition. Variation. Simulation.